Project was dedicated to scanning and analysis of open source media. A number of tools were tested for their capacity to scan and analyse social media and media portals, visualize geography, networks of commenter, sharing and distribution paths of media clips, emotional coloring, used words analysis. Project was tested on broad social impact events analysis , such as “Brexit” and “Construction of unsafe power station close to the country border”.

Project thus has in its arsenal:

  • Description of tools, its uses, functionality and limitations.
  • Model of information analysis, which uses multiple dimensions to form ontology of analysed event (it was developed during the project). 
  • Prototype of automatic scanning and analysis was developed and successfully tested. It can be deployed in short time and customized to be used for analysis of specific target events or influences.
  • Practical recommendations for automatic scanning and analysis

ECOPOL point of contact

Evaldas Bružė, L3CE,

Practical applicability:

Tools can be deployed in the timeframe of weeks by L3CE team, as they have the knowledge of system internals and customized for operations. Russian and English language media is easly accessible and customizable by L3CE experts. Other languages would take more effort and resources.

Scanning and analysis efforts can be directed to analysis of various aspects of the social media and internet media:

  • Spread, origins and dynamic of specific fake news related to COVID-19
  • Understanding forces which work against quarantine practices
  • Understanding Russia’s activities in media and social space, etc.


L3CE Analysis