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Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education


L3CE was established as NGO research center by Lithuanian academia together with international and industry partners in 2013. L3CE is seeking to contribute to strengthening of competences in fighting against cybercrime, taking into account the EU and national context.

L3CE is a part of EU centers of excellence (e.g. SPARTA) working closely with law enforcement institutions.  L3CE activities are based on two pillars.

Firstly, focusing on research of threats and ways to address them. L3CE is actively involved in EU funded research projects of cybercrime, complex, sophisticated, full-spectrum cyber related threats. L3CE strives to develop methodologies and technologies for early identification of cyber threats and ways to prevent them. Artificial intelligence and emerging technologies are being explored as both source of threats, misuses, and as tools for fighting crime and increasing broader threats awareness.

Secondly, L3CE identifies, that despite huge investment of member states and EU into the cybercrime based research, uptake of this new knowledge by law enforcement agencies remains limited. L3CE developed “innovation factory” model, an ecosystem, which would be instrumental for law-enforcement-agencies to share their needs in the safe environment and to facilitate uptake of innovations in these seemingly conservative, process driven organizations.

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