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Situational Awareness

Health professionals, members of the blue light services and other first responders are performing an extraordinary job that saves lives. Many others are doing everything they can to support the global efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Vital work is being done to identify, create and trial vaccines; develop and repurpose drug treatments;  improve testing mechanisms; and engineer equipment for use in intensive care units. Meanwhile, there are large numbers of people working around the clock to maintain food supply chains, run critical infrastructure and services, and provide support for every aspect of our lives affected by this pandemic.

This platform aims to provide a trusted, proactive and free resource demonstrating existing capacities and capabilities from within the security research community that can be used in support of the global efforts in to combat COVID19.

Latest situational awareness overview of the COVID19 pandemic

World Health Organisation (WHO)

John Hopkins University

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Situational Awareness