Social Media Visualisation Tool

Social Media Visualisation Tool

Software / service definition

MKLab taking advantage of the extensive experience and expertise that it has gained in multimedia analysis, social media crowdsourcing, big data analytics, and visualisation techniques for disaster and emergency management, has deployed a Web-based application aiming to monitor, fuse, analyse and illustrate, in real-time, data from heterogeneous resources. The open-source framework encompasses advanced technological solutions to enable authorities, civil protection organizations, crisis managers, first responders, etc. to manage efficiently the pre-emergency and emergency phases of a crisis event.

Usage in COVID19

The Social Media Visualisation Tool enables civil protection authorities as well as other stakeholders from the health sector to monitor social media posts related to the Coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, it integrates technologies for visualizing the results generating from the:

  1. real-time social media data crawling, which aims to collect the tweets based on predefined criteria (keywords, hashtags etc.). It focuses on the region of Italy by collecting tweets with the hashtags #covid19Italy and #covid19italia,
  2. intelligent analysis of the gathered tweets which is based on machine learning methodologies and aims to geo-localise them and detect visual content from their images,
  3. assessment in terms of their severity. A user-friendly interface involves the visual illustration of the social media analysis by facilitating the navigation through an interactive map and exploiting the zoom and search functionalities using various filters in order to present valuable and actionable information.


Online web service.


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Support point of contact

Anastasios (Tasos) Karakostas –

Stefanos Vrochidis –

Previous application scenario

This framework is an in-house application however it has been inspired by the basic ideas and aspects of various EU funded projects, such as H2020 beAWARE, H2020 EOPEN, H2020 aqua3S that the MKLab leads or actively participates in.