Secured Communications

To help during the COVID-19 crisis, Secured Communications is making its communications platform immediately available at no cost during the crisis to assist governments and businesses globally. The immediate goal is to assist efficient and effective secure information exchange between officials and stakeholders at all levels to support and coordinate their response efforts.

The Secured Communications platform is a complete enterprise system for secure messaging, voice, conferencing and file sharing both online and via mobile devices. This platform uses a trusted private network which is vetted and used by public safety, law enforcement and counter-terrorism professionals worldwide. 

The SC platform is able to support inter- and intra-agency response coordination and communication during the COVID19 crisis. The platform provides:

  • Ability to broadcast - provide immediate information, updates and instructions to your team and audience
  • Official content - SC can be identified as a trusted source of information
  • Reliability - always-on connectivity with all stakeholders on the platform

Organisations that could benefit from the Secured Communications platform include health service providers, blue light services and emergency responders, critical infrastructure providers as well as regional organisations.