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INFRASTRESS: Improving resilience of sensitive industrial plants & infrastructures exposed to cyber-physical threats, by means of an open testbed stress-testing system

Horizon 2020 Innovation Action

2019 - 2021

InfraStress addresses cyber-physical (C/P) security of Sensitive Industrial Plants and Sites (SIPS) Critical Infrastructures (CI) and improves resilience and protection capabilities of SIPS exposed to large scale, combined, C/P threats and hazards, and guarantee continuity of operations, while minimizing cascading effects in the infrastructure itself, the environment, other CIs, and citizens in vicinity, at reasonable cost. In fact, InfraStress will develop TRL4+ solutions from preceding research and innovation towards TRL7 level producing maximum adoption of the proposed methods and solutions. Addressing the current fragmentation of available security solutions and technology, InfraStress will provide an integrated framework including cyber and physical threat detection, integrated C/P Situational Awareness, Threat Intelligence, and an innovative methodology for resilience assessment – all tailored to each site.

InfraStress adopts a user-driven approach carried out through:

  1. Delivery of usable and user-friendly Services and Applications for C/P protection and resilience;
  2. Technical activities driven by and receiving active input from end users, i.e. SIPS and relevant stakeholders;
  3. A comprehensive set of 5 real-world Pilots and Evaluation activities to be carried out by User partners.



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