The COVID19 crisis is having an alarming impact on the incidence of domestic violence in the UK

Counting Dead Women has calculated that there were at least sixteen domestic abuse killings of women and children between 23 March and 12 April. The UK government has acknowledged the extent of the crisis with Priti Patel, the Home Secretary of the UK Parliament addressing the nation confirming that the government will be launching a public information campaign encouraging people to seek help and provide additional funding to charities, including those tackling domestic abuse and child abuse. However, charities are advocating that an increase in violence will continue even with the relaxing of lockdown controls, thus suggesting a multi-faceted response is needed to the crisis long-term. The Home Affairs Select Committee, a cross-party committee of MPs responsible for scrutinising the work of the Home Office and its associated bodies headed by Yvette Cooper a Labour MP have outlined proposals for an action plan on the cross-Government COVID19 strategy on domestic abuse. One suggestion they make would be to extend the creation of safe spaces and allow victims to access support via supermarkets and other retailers.


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