CCTV-based Video Analysis Tools

Video based analysis tools that can be adapted to help monitor social distancing efforts. 

  1. Person detection for social distancing calculation in closed infrastructures: shops, stations etc. with rapid setup and calibration. For example, checking agglomeration of persons within a supermarket and providing warnings and a means for planning and control of flow of persons.
  2. Queue monitoring. Monitoring of queues of persons waiting their turn to enter a supermarket for example. Provide means to measure and detecting bunching or encroaching of persons. Rapid setup and calibration while using exiting CCTV camera installations.
  3. Capacity monitoring. Occupancy control. Counting persons entering and leaving a building. Can distinguish between adults, children, groups, etc. help control flow and maximum occupancy in a supermarket for example.

These tools are the product / adaptation of a number of EU FP7, H2020 and regional projects including


VICOM Analysis