Twitter Monitoring Service

Software / service definition

The Twitter Monitoring Service is a service capable to collect data from Twitter over time. Monitoring requests can be done through RESTful Interface (synchronous mode) or Kafka Topics (asynchronous mode). Requests has to be detailed with a hashtag, topic, keyword or social accounts. Requests about a target twitter account will collect all the account timeline (old and new tweets). Requests about hashtag, topic or keywords will collect only new tweets over time.

Usage in COVID19

The Twitter Monitoring Service can help to collect COVID19 topics, news and comments over one of the most important social media currently used. It gives also the opportunity to monitor a specific thematic account twitter.


The Twitter Monitoring Service can be accessed only through business to business (B2B) communication.



Security and access protocols

Access as B2B service

GDPR compliance

ENG could provide an additional anonymisation service to obscure all personal information.

Support point of contact

Ernesto La Mattina –

Roberto Acquaviva –

Previous application scenario

Data collection on Social Media


Free until end of pandemic as per WHO declaration