Advice for employers and employees when teleworking

Many companies are moving rapidly to new ways of working, with an increased emphasis on remote or teleworking which brings with it a range of security challenges. Europol's Cybercrime Centre (EC3) has complied a range of advice targeting both employers and employees on how to safely and securely implement teleworking routines. 

Key advice for employers inlcudes 

  • Eastablishing corporate polices and procedures
  • Securing communications and teleworking equipment
  • Add secure remote access and increase your monitoring
  • Raise safe awareness about the risks of teleworking
  • Keep systems up to date
  • Check in with your staff

While, key advice for employees includes

  • Try to use corporate provided equipment and don't let family members have access
  • Stay alert and think about your connection
  • Don't give out personal information
  • Use secure remote access mechanisms
  • Develop new work routines
  • Take extra care if using personal devices
  • Don't mix business and personal use of devices
  • Report unsual and suspicious activity


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