Defending Your Home against Cyberattacks: It can be Child’s Play


Much like how each person can contribute to stopping the spread of coronavirus, so too can your actions online help to stop the spread of online, digital viruses.

To this end, the CyberPeace Institute is here to help you to reinforce and augment the digital skills you already have.

Here are a few steps one can take to help us in our mission to stop the Infodemic and to counter cyberattacks.

1. STOP! Be a cyber watchdog to stop the threat

Malware can hide inside a message, an image, a link or an attachment — in email, texts, group chats…wherever you receive them. Don’t hover over or click on links that come from unknown or unusual sources. Don’t open attachments from unfamiliar senders or if the subject line is questionable. Don’t open pictures or play videos without verifying files with antivirus software.


2. INVESTIGATE! Be a cyber analyst to validate the source

Knowing the sender doesn’t mean that the message is safe as it could still carry malware. Do a quick search to cross-reference the claims via multiple sources. When possible, trace them back to the original source. Ask yourself: why did I receive this, did I initiate this conversation? If not, don’t open it. For example, why is the World Health Organization or National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sending you an unsolicited email rather than going through official channels. Be extra cautious if the text feels machine-translated, has typos, and/or poor grammar.


3. CONTAIN! Be a cyber citizen and keep your community safe

The rule of thumb: if you are not sure about the content, don’t share it. Don’t spread anything that doesn’t add up, it could lead to cyberattacks. Don’t re-tweet or forward anything you don’t trust. It may not seem like it, but these actions help to facilitate cyberattacks. Don’t be the one who spreads the virus.


4. REPORT! Be a cyber guardian and report the attacks

Cyberattacks happen every day, most of them are never reported. Don’t let the bad guys get away with it. Report attacks on official platforms. It prevents others from being targeted.Reports help to build cases against attackers and hold them responsible. Your actions make a difference. Spread the word about good practices.