Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience (DRIVER+) is dedicated to test in close to real scenarios various tools available for crisis management services, train to use them and integrate into existing processes. Driver+ process makes preselects and qualifies tools which enters Portfolio of Solution and make them much more readily available for the service to uptake and use, by facilitating trainings with real life scenarios.

DRIVER+ is expanding Portfolio of Solutions to further expand its applicability and enhance its sustainability. Though Portfolio of Solutions was not targeted to pandemic management situations, some of the tools address known needs (like volunteer management), other do address problems of essential services (like organization of emergency medical services, command & control systems, as well as  communication to the public, psychosocial support (for both first responders/staff and population).

DRIVER+ community initiated review of portfolio in the view of COVID-19.


Point of contact:

Egidija Veršinskiene, L3CE,


  • Tools in Portfolio of solutions are of various levels. Driver+ should be addressed with the needs of organizations, so that community can suggest best approach and available solutions