Spain: Combatting Fake News

There are serveral resources in for Spanish users to track the spread of misinformation and fake news

The platform “” analyzes hoaxes and misinformation, false alerts, erroneous data, measures that have not been announced. It is also in English and invites people to help them against hoaxes. It also offers advice, help, etc. on COVID-19 (hygiene measures, cleaning, studies on the effects of confinement) 


At the end of February, the Illustrious Official College of Doctors of Madrid launched a campaign called “ContagiaVerdad to combat health fake news about COVID

Icomem Digital Observatory

Icomem Digital Observatory, a platform where false information about general health can be reported. It has a specific section of COVID with general information, ERTES, private doctors ... And you can send hoops about COVID →


Yoigo has developed a guide to detect fake news about COVID


The World Health Organization has a series of tips for the population to identify false rumors about COVID


FUNDEA Fake News