Granada: Help, Guidance and Campaigns

Resources to support citizens in the Granada region. 

This drive, of the association "Granada Acoge", is constantly updated and many active resources appear in the city of Granada: from social care, to community social services, citizen movements, food guarantee system. It is a very complete document which has been prepared from COVID as a measure to help anyone who needs to find the association, organization, entity that requires, according to their case, in an easier and faster way. In addition, in some cases they specify if the hours of attention have been changed in X place, if they provide minimum services, etc.

Caritas has created the campaign “Cáritas ante el coronavirus. Cada gesto cuenta” (Caritas before the coronavirus. Every gesture counts) to mobilize citizens, companies, institutions… with the aim of raising financial support for the urgent aid programs that Cáritas has launched to serve the most vulnerable people in the face of the coronavirus.

Telephone and mail for attention to victims of gender violence of the Municipal Information Center for Women of the Granada City Council (they mainly offer psychological support services, social care for economic needs, legal advice, information on social services, and coordination with the Local and National Police for emergency); During the state of alarm, their services have intensified: 958 24 81 16;


FUNDEA Society