Spain: Mobile Applications

Several Android mobile applications are available to support Spanish citizens in managing and reporting instances of COVID19

COVID-19 self-evaluation

COVID-19 self-evaluation (to find out if you have symptoms, what state of the disease you are in, etc.)

“COVID-19 Assistance” app available on the App Store and Google Play. →


In Catalan, the STOP COVID-19 CAT, a mobile app that seeks to

  1. Provide information to the public regarding COVID-19 while offering a questionnaire indicating if there is a possibility of being infected with the COVID;
  2. Collect population data in order to create heat maps.

The app is available at


In Catalan, the CONFINAPP seeks to help citizens with confinement and post-confinement. It makes information and services offered by the Government of Catalonia available to citizens, companies and the self-employed. It also answers general questions about COVID: hygiene and health measures; movements allowed and prohibited during the alarm state; certificates and administrative procedures; insurance; supports and aid to freelancers and companies; school year; etc.

In addition, it also generates travel certificates for those who require one and incorporates an internet connection speed test to find out the connection status and detect possible incidents.

The app is available at

GVA Responde

In Valencian (Catalan dialect from Valencia Region) / Spanish, the GVA Responde, app of the Valencian Ministry of Justice, Interior and Public Administration.

The app offers a guide on frequent non-health questions from COVID and a guide to action against the disease.

The app is available at

In Basque / Spanish, the allows a self-diagnosis of COVID-19 infection. In case of being positive, the user will be considered POSSIBLE contagion (according to WHO terminology) and will notify the entire circle of people, in such a way that they will be considered at risk. Along with this information, the system will record this data, so that a trail of infections can be followed thanks to the circle system. Along with this information, the postal code is also requested and, thus, in the event of community infection, foci of contagion can be detected.

This information is used for epidemiological analysis and study.

The app is available at


In Spanish, CoronaMadrid allows its users to detect, inform themselves and contact the authorities at any stage of the conception of the COVID-19 disease. 

The app is available at

CoronaTest Navarra

In Spanish, CoronaTest Navarra is the App of the Government of Navarra that aims to reduce the volume of calls to health emergency numbers and address questions about COVID-19.

The app is available at



FUNDEA HealthSociety